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Updated: Mar 31, 2020

COVID-19 brings many significant changes to the forefront of the global system. Bringing panic over the threat of illness and death. Contrastingly, the epidemic marks the beginning of a New World Order, where fast-paced capitalism is called to slow down as it proves unsustainable for life. Many people are being urged to remain calm whilst taking responsible precautions to protect themselves, others, and the planet.

A look into the education tells a lot about the future of the nation. The education system shapes the next generation of productive citizens. COVID-19 pushes secondary schools, universities, and even primary schools to switch to online classes and examinations in an attempt to develop resiliency during social distancing, and stay connected during uncertainty.

This is a classic opportunity for disruptive innovation to take root. It provides the opportunity to save resources, reducing emission rates for transport. However, in practice, the sudden shift is rather overwhelming and taxing financially and mentally for students.

Besides, many schools do not have robust plans in place and do not have great infrastructure or resources to rapidly build standardised online courses and exams. This may mean that ultimately population has no choice but to slow down and let nature take the lead.

COVID-19 provides the opportunity to become increasingly conscious of the effect of toxic production and carbon emissions in order to take a step back. For many to stay at home and allow the earth to breathe without daily pollution. To reflect and realise the interconnectedness of the human race with the earth and that we aren’t in control of the world as we assume.

The COVID-19 virus could wipe the human race out, but the earth would still remain. Regardless of physical distance, the connection never seizes. Just as we can spread disease, we can also spread care and kindness. Use this time for reflection of your contribution and the life you’re living.

Author: Sarah S - Marketing Analyst

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