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How companies can review their cybersecurity strategies in the global digitalisation of businesses

Updated: Apr 24

Since Covid-19, a human virus has forced virtually the majority of workforces online, making companies exceptionally reliant on digital systems and vulnerable to malicious cyber attacks as a consequence. Since then cyber attacks have increased.

As the paradigm of working-from-home is in full swing here are three ways companies can ramp up their cybersecurity strategies today:

1. Review incident response plans

Ensuring companies have braced themselves for attack with a crystal clear written response plan. A high-quality plan will state people’s tasks, who is to be called for assistance, and what lines and protocols on communication will be within the company (such as board notification).

2. Stay up-to-date on current scams

No one wants to click on an email link only to find that the entire company drive has been compromised by a ubiquitous ‘business email interruption’. Ensure all employees are aware of the most current threats so that it can be prevented.

3. Password protect video conferences

“Zoom-bombing” has become so rampant that GCHQ, the UK’s cyber intelligence agency has issued a warning. Recent cases involve unwanted guests shouting profanity and displaying other inappropriate content. Zoom conferences can be protected by not posting the link publicly, making sure a meeting password and only share the meets with those authorised, and locking the meeting once all guests have arrived.

In the global era of business digitalisation, the work from home paradigm is not likely to end anytime soon. Businesses must review their cybersecurity strategies to stay one step ahead of the wrath of cybercriminals.

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