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The Education Black Box

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

The government and Society invests significantly in primary, secondary, and higher education.Unfortunately no one can really say that they know how the inputs influence or produce outputs.

Over the past decade, calls for educational reform have increased, but very little is understood about how the system of education will be impacted by the proposed reforms with fear that the solution being proposed to what ails education will be worse than the current problem.

Education Black Box

Education Data Analytics can:

  • Provide the Evidence and foundation on which to base reform activities

  • Provide the evidence that allows us to understand better the learning process and make informed decisions that are supported by evidence.

  • Enable us to build intelligent curriculum that adjust and adapt to the needs of each learner thus providing the much needed Structural change in Education.

With Education Analytic, the black box of education can be opened and adapted to the requirements of each individual learner.

Rose Nelson, Founder and CEO


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