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Why schools should incorporate data science to improve school performance

As the school term is full swing, data is more important than ever. The efficient use of data science in schools has the potential utilise technology as a source of encouragement, beyond the scope of league tables.

Here are congentBI’s top 3 recommended ways in which data science can improve school performance:

1. To monitor students with special requirements.

  • Data is more objective and genuine than the unaware biases of teachers towards a particular set of students.

2. To measure the performance of teachers/instructors.

  • Data science allows institutions to continually track their teacher’s performance with the most up-to-date data to provide comprehensive work performance analysis. Monitoring the performance of teachers is to ensure students are getting the best quality education.

3. Predicting students wellbeing.

  • Considering these intangible elements using data science gives parents and local authorities a more holistic view of overall performance and student retention rates than league tables alone.

Privacy and data protection of students should be carefully considered when handling sensitive information, however, the correct use of data science brings a contemporary solution to improving grades.

Do you agree with the importance of data science in education?

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