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Why data science is top of the list for the next taught contemporary subject in schools

Data science is the most attractive job of the 21st century, according to Harvard Business Review. Its relevance expands to prospective pupils.

Here are a few reasons why data science should be on the top of the list for the next contemporary taught subject in schools:

It’s Modern.

  • Incorporating data science into the national curriculum ensures subjects such as ICT stay up-to-date and exciting, and is likely to be engaging to pupils who are aware of its relevance.

It’s Inspiring.

  • Introducing data science will inspire many pupils for a potential career in data science and give them a head start to deciding what beholds for their future.

It’s engaging.

  • Pupils who are familiar with data science can engage in data science topics from a young age and be well rounded and intelligent individuals.

Traditional views affirm that primary and secondary school should be free from modern trends. However, data science has to be the future. The education system must adapt to the changing technological world.

CongentBI advocates the future of contemporary data science in schools. What do you think of the future of data science in Education?

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