Data Auditing

We will examine and catalogue your existing data assets, and review how it fits into you data strategy and support achieving company goals.

Business Process Automation

If you are not collecting data at all or in an efficient way, we will automate your  processes, so you obtain information of every piece of your business and have a clear understanding of what is going on.

Data Collection

Is a process of automating data collection process either from 3-rd party services or directly from stakeholders. We know how to get your data from various web or people so you can start analysing it.

Data Architecture

We will design and deploy best fit storage (on premise, cloud or hybrid) to keep your data safe and quickly accessible.

BI Services

We are experts in best practices of Business Analysis across all Industries . We are looking forward to for sharing our knowledge with you.

BI Provider Selection Support

There are huge variety of  BI tools in market and we have experience with using most of them. We will help you to select the one that fit your needs and budget.

Dynamic Dashboards

We will develop dynamic dashboards for your KPIs so you can easily use it for decision making.

Data Management

We will organize and maintain your data processes to meet ongoing information lifecycle needs of the company.

Managed Data Analytics

If you are very busy but want your data to be in good hands, we are here for you. We will develop Data Strategy together with you and then work on it implementation. The only thing left for you is to make smart data-driven decisions.