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Education Management

Congent offers Ed-Tech apps and services to help you simply and efficiently manage business operations and budgets in schools and multi-academy trusts.

What we do

Our mission is to provide solutions that enable schools and multi-academy trusts to efficiently manage their administrative operations and budgets.

We have developed apps for school leaders and administrators to keep track of Contracts and SLA, Capital projects, and to manage increasing volumes of data.

We offer consultancy services to help you put in place an efficient and workable strategy to simplify administrative and data-driven processes.

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What we do

Our Ed-Tech solutions

We develop custom applications to help Education Establishments Manage their Business Operations more efficiently and achieve compliance easily.


Our Custom apps include webapps to manage: supplier contracts, capital works & maintenance projects, budget management, governance & regulatory compliance, audits and reports.

The apps are deployed as a service on secure servers in the cloud, and are available at all times.  

We highlight two of our webapps below:

Contracts and SLA webapp

The Contracts and SLA App is designed to:

  • Upload and manage supplier contracts in a centralised register

  • Enable stronger budgetary management and procurement

  • Promote flexible and efficient decision-making

  • Establish an audit trail to ensure accountability

  • Simplify collaboration, reduce administration

  • Support legal and regulatory compliance

  • Generate customisable reports for finance and audit committees, DfE, governors and trustees


Store essential information about your suppliers, including:

name, contact details, what they do or supply, ratings

Capital Projects webapp

The Capital Projects webapp is designed to:

  • Upload and access capital and maintenance projects

  • Streamline communication and collaboration

  • Manage spending and budget allocation 

  • Demonstrate procurement compliance, transparency and accountability for auditors

  • Generate customisable reports for finance and audit committees, DfE SCA, governors and trustees

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Easily track capital projects.


Securely store works contracts, invoices and documents for compliance and ease of access.

Log and track estates maintenance issues.

Our consultancy services

We offer consultancy services to assist schools to streamline administrative and data-driven processes

A well-defined data strategy will help your school  to efficiently analyse and process its data.


We work with you to identify your data processing needs, and how to optimise information value.

We use well-established, practical techniques that are tailored to each school’s needs.


We help you to develop a comprehensive data strategy that is simple and efficient to use and maintain. We also provide services ,Including data analytics and software products to implement your data strategy.

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How our services can help

Data auditing

We will examine and catalogue your existing data assets, and review how they could better fit into your data strategy and support your needs.

Data collection

We can simplify your data collection and processing so you can more easily access information and have a clearer understanding of what is going on.

Business Process Automation

We can develop software to automate repetitive manual procedures to save time and minimise errors.

Data architecture

We can design and deploy best-fit storage to keep your data safe, organised, and readily accessible.

Business intelligence

We have expertise in business analysis across several industries. We are looking forward to sharing our knowledge with you.

Dynamic dashboards

We develop dynamic dashboards highlighting KPIs for operational and strategic decision-making.

Education dashboards

Gain insight with our ready-made education sector dashboards

Education analytics

Free tools to benchmark your school against local and national performance

Our Business Intelligence and Technology Partners

We work and partner with some of the industry's best business intelligence tools

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