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Machine Learning: Most effective way to help companies overcome challenging cybersecurity threats?

Updated: Apr 30

Companies can overcome potential cybersecurity threats by using machine learning to identify and stop them from doing damage.

Machine learning is used in data science and uses algorithms of previous datasets to improve a system automatically through experience.

Machine Learning allows data scientists to:

  1. Predict risks based on past exploits and behaviour patterns.

  2. Identify outliers in data automatically.

  3. Productive use of large amounts of data

  4. Find cybersecurity threats using devious data

Implications of machine learning:

This ensures businesses and the wider community are protected from a breach in their systems.

  1. Human intervention is still crucial

  2. Over-reliance on artificial intelligence in cybersecurity can create a false sense of safety

  3. Not everything can be solved with artificial intelligence & data

congentBI can ensure that AI learning supplements and enhances human efforts, rather than replacing them. Machine Learning is is a tool in the toolkit - It’s more essential than ever for businesses bulletproof against cybersecurity attacks.

Is machine learning the most effective way to overcome cybersecurity challenges?

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